Interactive Demo

How can I respond to comments

Responding to a comment is currently unavailable. However, you’ll be able to view each user’s email and you can respond via email.

Can I upload screenshots and create an interactive demo

No, you can’t upload screenshots to edit your interactive demos. However, this capability is in our roadmap and we’ll keep you posted whenever it’s ready.

Can I add a music soundtrack to my video

No, you currently can’t add a soundtrack to videos. This capability is in our roadmap and we’ll keep you posted whenever it’s ready!

Can I export my guides to PDF

No, you can't export guides as PDF. Floik guides are animated — you can zoom into right where you want to focus the watcher, with hotspots right where you want to click them. These interactive elements are lost in a drab PDF. That's why we recommend sharing URLs. Besides, PDF docs go stale fast. We let you update your guides as fast as your product changes, so your Flos are always up to date for your end-users. And, let’s face it — who has the storage for PDFs nowadays when you can just exchange a link real quick?

Why Floik does not record the pop-up on my screen

You can record pop-ups on your screen by choosing the “Share Entire Screen” option before you start recording your screen.

Does Floik captures step outside Google Chrome browser

Yes, Floik captures screenshots from outside your browser too. To do this, you have to share your entire screen when you start recording.

Does moving the Flo from one folder to another change the public URL

Moving the Flo to a different folder will change the public URL only when you’re using a custom domain on the Team plan. All other plans follow a generic URL structure, like "" and will incur no changes when moved to different pages.

How to add a custom domain to your account

Please contact us to add a custom domain to your account. Currently, there’s no way to add a custom domain to your Floik account from the settings. However, we’ll be able to integrate your domain in just a few minutes to get you started.

Can I restrict my team members to specific folders

No, you currently can’t restrict team members to view specific folders. All members added in your team will be able to view all Flos. However, you can publish and share folders with specific members of your team. These published folders and Flos can only be accessed by those who have the link.

How to enable mic and camera permissions before recording

As soon as you start recording your screen, you'll be prompted to select your mic and camera options. Click on 'Allow' in the permissions pop-up to enable Floik to access your mic and camera.

How to hide the Floik logo during workflow capture

Click on the Floik logo on the bottom-left corner of your screen. Turn off the option labeled 'Show recording controls on the screen'. You can access the recording controls by clicking on the Floik extension from the top-right menu.

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