Customer success

Elevate your customers’ experience with interactive training and how-to videos

  • Onboard your customers like a champ
    While you can’t roll a literal red carpet in the digital world, you can definitely setup personalized onboarding libraries with interactive content for each of your customers.
    Improve your landing page conversions
  • Stand-out with your content marketing
    Increase retention with proactive customer education
    Drive product adoption by highlighting features and workflows, your customers will stick when they derive value from your product
  • Create quick how-to guides for your knowledge base
    Convert all your product workflows into how-to videos quickly. Deflect repeated and ad hoc questions with visual guides.
    Increase new feature adoption
Top Features
  • Custom Branding Icon
    Custom Branding
    Add custom company logo and brand colors to the videos and collateral you create.
  • Effortless Integration on Floik Icon
    Effortless Integration
    Integrates easily with most tools, wikis and knowledge bases
  • Floik Browser Extension Icon
    Browser extension
    Works on any web product or web-based workflow
  • Interactive Image icon
    Your viewers can annotate and leave a comment anywhere on the vide