Say goodbye to repeat questions and hello to faster resolution

  • Answer all those How-to questions in a breeze
    Solve customer queries effectively with visual and step-by-step guides that they can easily follow along. Reduce handle time and Increased CSAT!
    Improve your landing page conversions
  • Stand-out with your content marketing
    Keep your help center and knowledge bases updated
    No more stale product documentation. Keep your help centers updated with self-serve content that can be used as ready reference materials for customers.
  • Training support agents with latest know-how
    Provide ongoing education for customer support agents using interactive videos and visual how-to guides. Ensure that agents stay current with new products, features, and best practices.
    Increase new feature adoption
Top Features
  • Content Library Icon
    Content Library
    Create, update and maintain all the process documentation in one place.
  • Effortless Integration on Floik Icon
    Effortless Integration
    Integrates easily with most tools, wikis and knowledge bases
  • Floik Browser Extension Icon
    Browser extension
    Works on any web product or web-based workflow
  • Get Insights Icon
    Engagement Insights
    Enhanced analytics on views, watch time, CTA clicks