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Create interactive product demos and explainer videos in minutes

OurProduct-Led Storytelling Platform generates visually rich product demos, interactive videos and step-by-step guides of your workflows

How it works?
Image depicting the steps of creating, distributing, and engaging with Flos on Floik.
Fuel your Product Led Growth
  • Auto create collateral
    Record once and auto generate guides, product tours or self served demoes based on your usecase.
  • Insert Call-To-Action
    Guide your users to take further action via customizable call-to-action buttons.
  • Interactive
    Your viewers can annotate and leave a comment anywhere on the product story.
  • Embed anywhere
    Embed interactive demos and videos anywhere on your website, social media or email.
  • Custom branding
    Add your company’s logo and brand colors to the collateral you create.
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Interactive videos
Create videos for your customers and teams in minutes. Customize and embed across channels. Make them interactive!
Explainer videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Walkthroughs
  • How-to videos
  • Training Videos
  • Announcement Videos
  • Onboarding Videos
Say goodbye to passive consumption. Viewers may annotate anywhere on the video and leave a comment or a question for you. Drive more conversions, improve adoption and create delightful customer experiences.
Explainer videos
Floik works with all your favourite workflow apps
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