Activate new users and drive deeper product adoption

Accelerate customer activation and help users realize your product’s true value with interactive guidance.

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Customers have their opinion about Arête.

Take customers from aha! to activation 🥳

For your users

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Reduce the risk of churn

Give new users the warmest welcome and help them navigate the product effortlessly till they realize your product’s value.

For you

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Reduce time to value

Design a seamless onboarding experience with interactive tutorials and tips. Help them realize product value from day 1!

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Gain positive word of mouth

Convert free users → customers → product champions with ongoing customer education efforts and earn positive word of mouth.

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Turn free users into power users

Help users unlock the full potential of your product with self-serve support and nudge them to explore different capabilities with tooltips.

❌ Users don't fully understand your product
❌ Customers take time to realize product value
❌ Lack of just-in-time support frustrates users

The Floik Advantage 💪🏻