Interactive demo

Showcase your product’s aha moment in a few clicks

Prospects and customers can now get hands-on experience on your product without signing in. No more waiting for live demos, they can experience the product at their own pace.

Achieve your goals faster with interactive demos

Make your tool shine above the rest. Let users experience the product at their own pace.

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Drive product-qualified leads

Showcase the best version of the product to your prospects at every touchpoint visually

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Increase engagement

Let users spend more time exploring the value they will derive our of your product

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Faster turnaround for FAQs

Let your customers navigate with more interactive and self-serve help center

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Build transparency and trust

As they can see the product in action, users know what they get and it improves conversion & adoption

Highlight key product features elegantly

Your prospects don’t have to create an account or sign in to see your product. They can get a first hand view of what’s in it for them.

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Website landing pages

Easy embed across website
and CRM platforms

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Social media channels

Smooth sharing on your organic channels and paid campaigns

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Craft a compelling story for new feature launches

Your prospects don’t have to create an account or sign in to see your product. They can get a first-hand view of what’s in it for them.

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Email campaigns

Insert the new feature demo to your nurturing email flows

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Give a visual view of your feature update by adding it to blogs

Onboard customers in a more engaging way

Your customers don't have to memorize every step during a product walkthrough. They have the flexibility to watch at their own tempo.

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Knowledge base

Publish product demos on your help center in minutes

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Onboarding 101

Integrate short demos as training videos into your training hub

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Integration Partners

Create interactive demos and add them to these platforms with a link to give users a complete look of your product,
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FAQ Unpacked

Frequently asked questions

Creating an interactive demo is exciting. Here are few tips to help you get started quickly.

What is an interactive demo?

An interactive demo is a visual demonstration of your product where prospects or customers can engage with your product on their own. It's an opportunity to show how your product is solving their problems even before they start using it.

How to create an interactive demo?

Once you have installed the Chrome extension on your browser, you can sign up and hit on capture new recording. Choose the video template, click through your product and end the recoding. Now click on generate an Interactive demo on Floik.

Pro-tip: Always pin the Floik extension to your chrome browser for quick access

Can I edit the demo after creating it?

Yes, you can. You can edit the text, background colour, colour of the hotspot. You can customize further by blurring sensitive information in your demo and maintain your brand identity by adding your logo and brand colors.

Can I track if anyone saw my Interactive demo?

Yes, you can embed the interactive demo in several platforms and can view insights like total views, impressions and clicks in real-time. Users can also annotate and leave comments on the demo which helps you to get instant product feedback.

Communicate the power of your product with an interactive demo

Install our Chrome extension and get started

Capture the product flow, instantly!

Keep clicking across your product and Floik automatically turns every click into an interactive hotspot.

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Tailor your product demo like a pro!

Edit the text, background colour and the position of your hotspot. You can even blur sensitive information in your demo.

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Tada! Time to show it to everyone

Easy embeds across your email, website, social media, CRM platforms, and more. You can also share public URLs to your customers and view real-time engagement insights.

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