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Bring your digital product to life with engaging videos

Simplify complex products into visually engaging videos with a personalized touch to communicate the value of your products

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Influence product engagement with sleek explainer videos

Transform user understanding with compelling videos every step of the way. Let your users digest the video content whenever they need a memory refresh.

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How-to videos

Help users get the most out of your product with snackable explainer videos

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Build product academies at scale

Boost your customer education efforts with detailed product videos for every use case

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Product marketing videos

Create impactful product videos that resonate with your audience and drive sign-ups

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Customized outreach

Answer prospects' questions and address objections with videos to personalize your sales outreach

Empower customers to explore your product

Don't tie users to a wall of screenshots. Create videos to give them a lay of the land and understand your product's capabilities for their specific use cases.

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Embed anywhere

Embed, upload, or send these videos wherever you want.

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Real-time feedback

Collect feedback and follow-up questions from users.

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Build a video library for your product

Make life easy for your teams with a neat CMS to organize all product videos. Let users find answers and troubleshoot issues on demand with a quick access video library.

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Publish folders

Create & publish folders for different product capabilities.

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Team workspace

Collaborate your team seamlessly to make and update content.

One platform for all things video

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools for making and finetuning videos. Create, edit, publish, and save videos in one place.

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Rich editor

Trim, crop, transcribe videos and add AI voiceovers.

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Custom CTA

Publish videos with a custom CTA guiding users for the next steps.

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FAQ Unpacked

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about creating product explainer videos with Floik—all your questions answered!

What is a product explainer video?

A short video explaining your product's capabilities, and how each feature can solve your customers' problems. It serves to educate potential customers about your product in a simple, engaging, and compelling manner, often within 1 to 3 minutes.

These videos are often placed on a website's home page or a product page to educate and engage visitors. They are also used in help centers, blogs and emails.

Can I customize the videos I create using Floik?

Yes, you can edit any video you create using Floik.

Floik's rich editor lets you trim your video, crop the screen, and transcribe the audio. You can also add AI voiceovers with a script. Create a custom call-to-action for every video and guide users about the next steps.

What are the export options for the videos?

You can download videos in the MP4 format. Or you can share a link and embed them anywhere.

Do you offer a free trial or a free tier?

Yes, you can try Floik for free.

Just three easy steps to make videos in minutes

Install our Chrome extension and get started

Record single tab, browser window or entire screen!

You can choose to record your screen, just yourself, or both the screen and yourself. Capture audio at the same time.

Create Flo illustration

Trim, crop, blur and more!

Edit easily without your designers.
Add calls-to-action, captions,
and transform your voice into an AI one with our smart editor!

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Tada! Time to showcase it to everyone

One-click sharing of URLs, and good old download option is in here too! Easy embeds anywhere on the web and view realtime engagement insights of your flows.

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