Welcome to the Floik Demo Center 👋🏻

The tabs you wish you made.

The tabs you wish you made.

The tabs you wish you made.

The tabs you wish you made.

The tabs you wish you made.

The tabs you wish you made.

The tabs you wish you made.

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The tabs you wish you made.

The tabs you wish you made.

The tabs you wish you made.

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What is a demo center? 🤔

A demo center is a collection of product demos showcasing your product from different angles. You can choose to zoom in on core capabilities, cover your product’s key use cases, or create tailored walkthroughs for each user persona. 

Think of a demo center as a chance for buyers to explore different parts of your product based on what resonates most with them. 

Give your product the spotlight it deserves 🌟

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Website landing pages

The quicker you make it for buyers to understand your product, the higher you can convert. A dedicated demo center page gives them a hands-on product experience without forcing them to sign up.

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Account-based marketing

Create a customized demo center to move the needle with high-value prospects and contextualize how your product can solve their exact problems. It’s the best way to show them you know them!

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Interactive sales collateral

Ditch boring cold emails for a personalized demo center and wow prospects from day 1. It's much more effective than a one-size-fits-all sales pitch and can help close deals more quickly.

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Event-based marketing

Want to stand out from the crowd in industry events? Showcase a demo center to your booth or create a QR code directing folks to this page. Instead of just talking about what you offer, you can let people experience it for themselves.

How to create a demo center with Floik?

Step 1 : demo center illustration

Create a master folder

Make a new folder and compile all the product showcases you want to show potential customers.

Step 2: Demo center illustration

Publish your demo center

Once you've added all showcases and given them cool titles, publish the folder and it's ready to share with anyone!

Step 3 : Demo center illustration

Share & embed anywhere

You can share your demo center with a single link via email or message and embed it on a landing page or chatbot.

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