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Purpose-built for product showcases
Loom is designed to enhance async communication & streamline internal workflows. In contrast, Floik is built specifically for creating interactive product showcases to highlight different capabilities. It's the perfect tool to make stellar videos and impress your customers!
Let AI narrate your script
What’s your biggest challenge when making Loom videos? Flubbing the lines and re-recording the whole thing for a good audio. Ditch all this hassle and create high-quality narration with Floik’s AI voicever in 20+ languages.
Blur (and auto-blur) any detail
Want to protect sensitive information on your screen? Loom lets you blur details only in its paid plans. With Floik, you can hide parts of your screen and (soon) automatically apply blur settings to the same website—all of this for free.
Videos → Product demos, step-by-step guides
With Loom, you can only record videos to show your product in action. Floik helps you engage users better with interactive showcases like self-serve demos and how-to guides. Let customers *experience* your product firsthand instead of passively watching a video!
Truly customized for your brand
Loom lets you customize your videos with your logo and chosen color for the video player. Floik goes a step beyond to create custom public URLs in your domain and no branding.

Trusted by innovative SaaS companies

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Trusted by innovative SaaS companies

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Loom alternatives
That’s a fair question. Loom is a go-to tool for many users looking to create videos. But while Loom is made for async communication, Floik lets you create interactive product showcases effortlessly. See how it fares against Loom.
Edit videos
✅ Trim and crop videos, show or hide click marks
✅ Trim, spilt, and combine video clips (no click marks)
Manage content assets
✅ Organize all the content in folders in your workspace
✅ Arrange your guides in personal and shared folders
Blur and hide information
✅ Blur sections on your screen for free
❌ Blur confidential details only in the paid plan
Add text-to-speech
✅ Feed your script and generate AI voiceover
❌ Only add original voiceover
Create multi-format collateral
✅ Auto-convert videos into step-by-step guides & demos
❌ Only supports one format
Add custom branding
✅ Add your logo and color to every Flo, get a custom URL
❌ Only add your logo, no custom URL
Publish folders
✅ Share multiple content assets in one folder with a URL
❌ No option to share a folder with specific people
Collect feedback
✅ Let users annotate any part of the video & leave comments
✅ Collect comments & reactions on the video
SEO compatibility
✅ Available
❌ Not available
FloikLoom alternatives
✅ Add your logo and color to every Flo, get a custom URL
❌ Entire screen recording available only for paid users
✅ Track videos’ clicks, comments, last viewed time, and more
✅ Edit steps & screenshots; add more content
✅ Feed your script and generate AI narration in multiple voices
✅ Personal, starred, shared, and archived folders
✅ Trim + crop your recording, add subtitles, apply auto-zoom effect 🔜
❌ Paid plan to blur confidential details
✅ Blur sections before the recording starts and apply auto-blur for free
❌ Collect feedback on the overall guide
✅ Choose from multiple UI elements to spruce up your demo experience 🔜
❌ Only supports one format
✅ Capture your workflow once and auto-convert into different formats
❌ No customization ability for Workflow URLs
✅ Publish and share multiple content assets with a link
❌ No customization ability for Workflow URLs
✅ SEO capabilities available
❌ No customization ability for Workflow URLs

It only takes three steps 🚀

Screen recorder PC

Capture your workflow

Record your product in action by simply using Floik's browser extension

Video editing tool

Edit the content effortlessly

Customize your content to make it resonate more with your users

Viewer insights

Share and track everything

Share your content and get real-time insights about your performance

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"Been an early adopter of Floik since launch. One of the easiest apps to use and really impressed with the different use cases. Wish the Team all the very best!"

Aravind Gurumurthi

Ecommerce Development Manager