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Screen recording just got better

You can now use Floik to record anything on your desktop screen and share them instantly with your prospects and customers

How to record in 3 simple steps?

Install the Chrome Extension
Floik is a free chrome extension that you can find on the chrome web store. Install it and pin to your browser for quick access.
Download for free
Click on "Capture Recording"
Adjust to 1080p for better resolution and start your screen capture. You will see a countdown timer to prompt you to start.
Start your recording
Walk through your product
Choose a tab/window or the entire screen and grab every step at ease. You can view the no. of clicks on the extension as well.
Get started

Floik's Online Screen Recorder Demo

Select from a range of screen recording templates to tailor your product walkthrough. Watch the 30sec demo below for each type.

#1 Screen only recording

Don't have to wait for anyone to share your insights. Send async screen recordings without voice or video to visually demonstrate specific tasks or document for your teams.

#2 Screen + your Original Voice

Turn on your computer's microphone and start explaining your screen to produce high quality voice recorded walkthroughs. We autogenerate your voice into subtitles which are editable by you.

#3 Screen + AI Voice

Convert text to speech to personalize your screen recording and make it more inclusive based on your audience. Add your script for the screen recoding and we autogenerate the AI voice of your choice.

#4 Screen + Video Camera

Turn your camera and microphone to record top quality videos. Use our editing features to refine your video and your users can watch them at 2x speed in full screen.

Create screen recordings based on your business need

Whether it's creating tutorials or company wide presentations, screen recordings are handy to not just view async but also can be referred to later as you don't have to remember every single information. Make communication effective and elegant with Floik's screen recorder.

Remote collaboration

Share updates, provide feedback, or collaborate on projects offline with your teams and peers

Product education

Create mini-demos, product teaser videos, webinars or presentations at ease for your customers

Instructional videos

Provide step-by-step guidance, demonstrations to provide clarity or breaking down complex processes into simple steps

Bug or issues reporting

Document software bugs or glitches, making it easier to communicate and troubleshoot issues by development teams

FAQ Unpacked

Frequently asked questions

Screen recordings can elevate the power of visual communication. Here are few tips to help you make them better.

What’s a screen recorder?

A screen recorder 🎦 is a feature or tool that allows users to capture and record the contents displayed on their computer or mobile device screens. It records everything that happens on the screen, including movements, clicks, audio and the video of the explainer.

How can I edit the screen recording?

With Floik, you can trim, crop or blur parts of the video to produce a crisp output. You can add a call to action at any part of the screen recording. You can edit the captions and weed out the filler words. You can maintain your brand identity by adding your logo and brand colours for the buttons, mouse clicks, etc.

Pro-tip: Don't forget to publish your screen recording every time you edit it.

How do I share the screen recording?

Once you publish the video, you can share the public URL link anywhere on the web. You can also embed the screen recording using our embed code or download the recoding as an mp4 file. You can also restrict access to your team members.

How do I record audio along with screen recording?

Choose the right template which has screen + audio only and enable your microphone to get started. Make sure you are in a quiet environment to produce high quality audio output.

Can I remove the audio or video once recorded?

Sorry you won't be able to do that. Before you start recording, make sure you pick the right template of your choice.

Can I make changes to the screen recording once completed?

Yes, definitely. You can use all the edit options that's available and make changes. Even after sharing your video, you can continue to edit the screen recoding and the changes will be reflected across all your recordings in real-time.

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