AI voiceovers
just made easy

AI voiceovers
just made easy

No more reading out heavy texts with multiple takes. Personalize your storytelling by adding human-like AI voiceovers within minutes.

How to add AI voiceover in 3 simple steps?

Choose "AI voice" on the editor
Once you finish your product capture as video or interactive demo, you start adding the AI voiceover  based on the flow of events in your output.
Select a voice of your choice
Add a sample script and choose from the list of voices before you add it for the entire video or demo. We have male & female voices across 20 languages.
Add the text for the video/demo
Prepare the script in advance and insert the script in one go or one after the other to cover for pauses and we autogenerate the voice simultaneously.

Floik's Studio-quality AI Voice Generator Demo

Select from over 10 different languages across male and female voices to match your target audience. Watch the 60sec tailored demo below.

Make your content inclusive and reflect your brand identity with AI voiceover

Transform your communication into a professional one. Whether it's creating tutorials or captivating marketing videos, standardize your video assets using Floik's AI voiceover feature.

Cuztomize for global audiences

With multiple languages, gender and voice support, you can now personalize your how-to videos & demos across international markets

Scale knowledge academies

No more multi-stack hassles. Create demos and videos with AI voiceover on a single platform - with ease and at a fraction of the cost

Build e-learning hubs

Create an engaging leaning portal to demonstrate your product or service. Ensure flawless pronunciation and pitch perfect voice output.

Personalize user responses

Make your content more relatable by adapting a suitable tone and pace with our built-in AI voiceover. Suit your users preferences.

FAQ Unpacked

Frequently asked questions

Experience the power of seamless narration with AI voiceover feature. Here are few tips to use this feature better.

What are the languages available to add an AI voiceover?

You can generate an AI voiceover for your script in 20 languages, including American English, Australian English, British English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Swedish.

How can I add AI voiceover to my video?

Choose a suitable Flo template which supports voice recording, like a video or a demo, and start your capture. Once completed, you can head to the edit panel and choose AI voiceover. Now, add a suitable script or text based on the events that you recorded.

Pro-tip: You can listen or play a wide range of voices before you add your script

How do I edit the AI voiceover?

✂️ Before or after you publish the video, head to the edit panel and choose AI voiceover element. For voice change, you can choose a different voice from the AI voice drop down and play the sample voice before regenerating this voice for the entire script.

For text change, just directly edit the text and click on confirm. We will autogenerate the voice for you.

Can I choose a different AI voice after publishing my video or demo?

Yes, you can totally do that and we will automatically update it to your Flos which are shared as a Public URL link and embedded on different websites. Do note that this will not be reflected in a video that is downloaded.

PS: Don't forget to publish the changes 😃

Can I convert back to the original voice?

Yes absolutely, you will be able to do that. If you change your mind and like your authentic voice better, you can change it to the original voice from the AI voiceover edit panel.

P.S: If you change your decision again, no stress. You can swap between original and AI voice without losing both the script and the voice 🙌.

How to add subtitles to my video which has AI voiceover?

On the edit panel, choose the subtitles element and click on generate now.
Boom💥, you have the AI voiceover script generated into captions.

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