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What's new in Floik

07 February 2024
New feature

Add images and GIFs to your showcases

You can manually upload images and GIFs to your showcases after completing capture. You can:

→ Add a cover image to your showcases

→ Upload latest screenshots when your product UI changes

→ Get creative and add visual elements to make your showcases stand out

25 January 2024
Feature enhancement

Get granular data to see who's interacting with your Flos

You can deep dive into every Flo's performance with advanced insights. Learn how your prospects and customers are interacting to find which showcases resonate the most with them.

15 January 2024
New feature

Track your usage directly on dashboard

If you're on the Starter plan, you can track the number of Flos you've created. Since the plan allows you to make a maximum of 10 Flos, you'll know how many more showcases you can create for free and get an option to upgrade.

8 January 2024
New feature

Share demos in Swift Play mode

Swift Play is a screenshot-only walkthrough of your demo. This mode doesn't play the video in your demo recording. It only shows the screenshots with hotspots. Check out this video showing how demos play in the Swift Play mode — neat!

3 January 2024
New feature

Trim and split your videos or demos

You can trim any part of your videos and demos to remove unnecessary details. Add multiple trimmed sections to cut out different parts of your video/demo and polish up your showcases.

20 December 2023
Feature enhancement

Check out what's new and visit Floik Academy from the app

Floik academy

Now you can stay on top of all new updates in Floik and access support resources any time by clicking on your profile in the bottom-left part of your dashboard. Visit the Floik Academy to troubleshoot issues or learn more about specific functions. Or visit our Changelog to see what's new in Floik.

14 December 2023
Feature enhancement

Crop your screen with multiple options

Clean up your screen recordings with the latest free crop function. You can crop your screen for a video or demo with a free crop selection tool. Use this to hide any part you don't want to show end viewers and polish your showcase.

27 November 2023
New feature

Let users choose their own adventure with Interaction Cues

Instead of a linear, one-size-fits-all demo, you can nest multiple videos, demos, and guides in a single product showcase. Create different branches within your showcase to let users explore what resonates most with them.

📚 Read more about this capability

All blurs will reset for your next recording

If you blur any part of your screen while recording a Flo, these blurs will be automatically reset the next time you record the same page. So, whenever you record this page again, you won’t see the same sections blurred by default.

14 November 2023
New feature
Feature enhancement

More updates to custom branding 

Now you’ll see a different interface with custom branding. By default, the uploaded logo will be displayed on the header's top-left part in the end-user view. Viewers will also see this logo as a watermark in the same position.

The "Try Floik" option will be hidden by default in all paid plans.

Mute audio before starting a recording

You can mute the background noise before you start recording a Flo. This is great if you don’t want to record your original voice and want to add an AI voiceover later.

Introducing Floik for Teams

Now you can create showcases yourself or collaborate with your entire team with a dedicated space for your team. 

You can invite new members to your team or remove anyone. Keep private Flos in My Space and make Flos visible to other members in your team using Team Space

You can also do a lot more to seamlessly organize your Flos, such as:

  • Create, rename, or delete folders
  • Publish folders and copy link for sharing
  • Move Flos between different folders and spaces
  • See all recently created Flos in the My Space dashboard

Within the Team Space, you can add Flos in the “view only” mode to avoid others making any changes to your work. 


When you generate AI voiceover, a separate script will be created and stored for each language. You can switch between these scripts based on the AI voice avatar selected.

11 October 2023
New feature
Feature enhancement

Revamp of My Space with a new folder structure

Until now, you could see a list of folders on the left panel of your dashboard. With the all-new My Space, you can organize your Flos into different folders and see all folders clearly.

Manually add new steps to step-by-step guides 

Add more relevant information to your guides or include details you missed while recording your screen by manually adding a new step. 

To add manual steps in a guide, you can now include the option to upload images for each step. You can add two main types of steps: Title Only and Title + Image.

Once you’ve added a step, you can add the title and description alongside uploading a new image. 

Apply pan-and-zoom effect

You can zoom into any hotspot with a click. Spotlight any part of your screen and focus viewers’ attention on the most relevant detail with the zoom effect. 

Click on the Zoom button next to each hotspot to enable it. You can also move your hotspot to change the position of the zoom effect.


Here's an interactive demo showing the pan-and-zoom effect in action

Generate AI voiceover in 20+ languages 

Now you can add an AI-generated voice in your showcases in over 20 languages. When you record your own voice and generate an AI voiceover, Floik automatically generates a script and creates an AI voice. 

You can choose from multiple languages to meet your users where they are.

✅ Learn more about this capability

Loading processed videos by default

After recording, users will observe an initial loader on the right side signifying video processing. On the left, they can watch the video. Once processing concludes, the "Edit" tab and the option to generate secondary Flos will become accessible.

loading speed


  • The "Settings" section has been transitioned from an accordion format to a subsection with revised font styles.
  • All configurable options are now shown as checkboxes, allowing users to conveniently enable or disable them.
  • Similar alterations have been implemented in the "Embed Code" section to maintain uniformity.

Customize the position and style of hotspots

You can now change the position and style of your hotspots. Choose from different types of hotspots:

  • Click only
  • Title only
  • Title + description

Decide how the hotspot box should be placed next to the click with multiple alignment options. 

Floik hotspot


See the upload speed while your recording is being processed and saved. You can track the progress in real time.

loading speed

Create and share mobile-responsive interactive demos

All product demos are now automatically responsive on smaller screen sizes. You can share them via a link or embed them anywhere for a seamless watcher experience. 



While sharing any Flo, you can choose if you want to show the author name or not. You can also decide whether you want to display the table of contents or note.

16 August 2023
New feature

Let prospects choose their own adventure with smart branching

We designed Interaction Cues to help GTM and sales teams emulate a human discussion in a discovery call, right on your website. You can now identify every prospect’s persona, company size, challenges, use case, and more. Then, you can deliver respective interactive demos tailor-made for their needs and goals.

Besides giving end-users a delightful experience, these demos will also help your GTM and sales team collect relevant data points.

Interaction Cues will become better and smarter with a CRM integration. Soon, you’ll be able to integrate Floik with HubSpot to stay on top of your leads and get deeper visibility into the buyer journey.

14 August 2023
Feature enhancement

Choose from advanced embed controls

You can customize the embed code to change the end-user view of your embedded Flos. You can choose to show or not show the Flo author. It's also possible to show or not show the table of contents for your step-by-step guides specifically.

Reposition mouse clicks effortlessly 

Whether you’re making a how-to guide, a video, or an interactive demo, now you can change the position of your mouse clicks. This is perfect for rectifying any incorrect clicks and pointing viewers to the right direction. Just drag and drop the mouse click anywhere you want. 

Check out this short demo to see how it's done:


Fixed the initial delay in loading the extension pop-up and other extension-related concerns. 

An all-new Floik browser extension

The new extension pop-up gives you more controls to customize your recording, including:

  • Resize your screen: Users can resize the browser window into standard sizes like 16:9 or 4:3 by clicking on any option. This will automatically change your window's size to your chosen ratio.
  • Add blurs: You can also add blurs and see the number of blurs you've added.
  • Pause recording: When you click on the Floik extension during recording, your capture will automatically pause.
  • Track number of clicks: You can see the number of clicks captured during recording if you pause it.

Resources available in the main dashboard

As soon as you sign up on Floik, the home dashboard will show you how Floik works with the most commonly asked questions answered in the resources section. You can quickly learn how to navigate the tool and create, edit, share your first Flo. 


Support keyboard shortcuts for the rich text editor, like CTRL + B, CMD + I, etc.

Contextually format content with a rich text editor

Now you can add content to your Flos and call out information with a rich text editor. With a WYSIWYG editor, you can:

  • Add rich formatting: bold, italicize, and underline text in the description under each primary step
  • Insert hyperlinks: add contextual links anywhere in the heading and description
  • Create lists: make numbered or bulleted lists when mentioning multiple items

Each Flo will also have meta details like a title, description, owner, first created on, and last modified on.

All generated Flos will be saved as new files

All secondary Flos generated from the main Flo will now be converted into a new file. Once converted, Flos in any format will be saved as a new Flo. The new Flo is saved with the same title and the format name. 


In the editor mode, you can now see the color you’ve chosen as your brand color. 

Generate interactive demos from video

Users can convert a video into an interactive demo by publishing the video and sharing it as a demo. It can also be embedded as a demo with different hotspots. 

Auto-generate subtitles from voiceover

Users will be able to view subtitles for the original and AI voiceover. You can enable/disable subtitles and even edit the text.

Add AI voiceover in English

You can now generate a custom voiceover for videos with the text-to-speech capability. Users can add, delete, or edit the script to customize the voiceover. You can also change the timing for playing a part of the script. 


Any changes you make on any Flos within a folder will be automatically pushed to the publicly available folder page without the need to share the link again.

25 May 2023
New feature
Feature enhancement

Publish and share multiple Flos in a folder 

Users will be able to publish a folder and share the folder link with anyone. This folder will list all the Flos in a listicle format. Whether you’re creating a demo, video, or guide, all these Flos are listed in a single place. 

Folder settings for SEO

For team accounts, SEO and folder paths are enabled. All the Flos created in these accounts will follow a more user-friendly and SEO-compatible URL pattern. A separate one-time embed URL will be generated. With this URL, your Flos will automatically get updated when you make any changes to the Flo.


Users will now be able to download Flos having a presenter video as well.

12 May 2023
New feature

Download showcases as MP4 

Users can download their Flos in the MP4 format after publishing it. The link to download is available at the bottom of the Share tab. Once the video is processes, a mail will be sent once its ready with the download link.

Blur any part of the screen

Users can blur specific elements in a browser window or tab before the recording starts. You can also unblur any previously blurred sections. 

Learn more about this capability

5 May 2023
New feature
Feature enhancement

New onboarding sequence

First-time users will be asked to answer questions and only once done, they will be redirected to the homepage.

Background colors in video

You’ll see the default background color around the video in published Flos. You can choose a custom color to change this background.

1 May 2023
New feature

LIVE chat support now available

Now you can chat directly with the Floik team and get a resolution for any query or concern in minutes through live chat. Find the chat widget on the bottom-right corner of your screen and start a chat anytime!

26 April 2023
New feature

Set up your custom brand and profile

Users can add a custom logo, color, and logo placement for their brand. You can also add details for your profile with your name, email, and avatar. 

18 April 2023
Feature enhancement

More watcher view controls for video

Watchers can now control multiple aspects while viewing your videos. They can:

  • Mute the audio
  • Leave a comment
  • Enable/disable subtitles
  • View in the full-screen mode
  • Increase or decrease the speed

12 April 2023
New feature
Feature enhancement

Zoom effect and hyperlinks for guides

All screenshots will be automatically zoomed in when you create a guide. You can also zoom out or zoom back in. Users can also add hyperlinks to a guide. 

Check out this guide with zoomed in screenshots!

Delete a step in guides

You can also delete a step in guide to remove any unnecessary clicks captured during your recording.

5 April 2023
New feature

Generate guides from videos

Record your screen showing any workflow and convert it into a step-by-step guide with annotated screenshots and text captured directly from your screen. And you can convert your step-by-step guides into a video as well.

28 March 2023
New feature

Self sign-up on Floik is here!

We built Floik to enable teams to showcase their products effortlessly, without getting caught up in laborious sales cycles talking to us. Now you can sign up on Floik with your Gmail account in seconds.