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Create product walkthrough guides in minutes

Make your step-by-step guides stand out and educate users seamlessly. No more screenshots and endless typing to explain your product.

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Accelerate users' time to value with step-by-step guides

No more getting on calls to answer repetitive questions from customers. Let users self-guide themselves on how to use the product.

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Faster product adoption

Onboard your customers with visually engaging how-to guides that can minimize their learning curve

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Increase customer satisfaction

Keep your large customer base happy with faster resolution time for all queries

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Building help center at scale

Design comprehensive knowledge base and training academies of your product in hours, not weeks

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Reduce support tickets

Lesser dependency on your team to troubleshoot customer issues because of self-serve support

Simplify your customers onboarding process

You can now customize onboarding  documents for different customers in a few clicks and embed them into your portal.

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Knowledge base

Copy the embed code and embed in minutes on your platform

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Product CMS

Create & integrate onboarding tutorials for your customers

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Standardize training documents and SOPs in minutes

Your entire team can collaborate on Floik and use templates to build knowledge academies, which are coherent across the board.

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Help center portals

Create and publish customized folders which look consistent

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Learning Management Hub

Centralize your training materials with uniformity, all in one place

Answer user queries with personalized responses quickly

Every customer will face a unique problem while using your product. You can personalize responses in no time and share it with them.

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CRM platforms

Send an email to visually answer short queries

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Help desk software

Integrate seamlessly with your support center to clarify concerns

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FAQ Unpacked

Frequently asked questions

Can I add or edit the steps after the magic creation?

Yes, you can edit steps once a guide is created. You can also reposition steps for better accuracy.

How do I export the guide on my knowledge base?

You can embed guides on your knowledge based using the embed code on the right panel.

Can I add my own branding on the step-by-step guides

Yes, you can add your own branding on guides with the custom branding feature. Add your logo and choose your brand color to change the color across all guides.

How can I share a collection of guides together?

You can share a collection of guides with the 'folder publish' feature. Add all the guides you want to publish in a dedicated folder, then publish that folder. You'll get a dedicated landing page with all the guides.

Empower users with easy to follow product guides

Install our Chrome extension and get started

Auto-capture the product flow, clicks and screenshots!

Open your product and click through the steps. We automatically generate a how-to guide with the text for the action to be performed.

Create step by step guide illustration

Tailor your guides like a pro!

Edit the text and the colour of the mouse clicks based on your brand's colour palette. You can also remove a step if it's not relevant to the product story anymore.

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Tada! Time to showcase it to everyone

Easily embed these guides across your help center, knowledge base, training academy and more. You can also share public URLs and view real-time engagement insights.

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