Focus on the deets. Blur the rest.

Focus on the deets. Blur the rest.

Blur confidential and sensitive information of your product before and during your screen capture with Floik. Control what you'd like to show your users.

How to blur your screen in 3 simple steps?

Choose Blur from the panel
Once you click on our chrome extension, the recording will pause immediately. You will be able to see the screen pop up with the Blur button.
Add Blur to your screen(s)
Choose the Blur option from the right side of the pop up screen and start adding Blurs to your screen. You add within a tab or across multiple tabs/windows.
Resume screen capture
Once completed, hit on "DONE" that you see on the bottom left corner of your screen. You can now resume or start your screen capture.

Floik's Blur feature Demo

Protect your products private information during your walkthrough. Watch the 30sec tailored demos below for a detailed overview.

#1 Blur before starting a New recording

Hide personally identifiable information, such as profile name, display photo, or confidential financial data before you begin your screen capture. Just add mouse clicks on text & images and you are good to go.

#2 Blur during the recording

As you are recording your workflows, you might want to Blur facts and figures that might pop up on your screen. To hide them, just click on Floik's chrome extension, pause the recording and add the Blur effects (text or image). Once done, feel free to resume your recording.

#3 Blur across multiple tabs

If you are recording across multiple tabs within the same window, you can add Blur across multiple tabs at ease. It will grey out the text and images that you don't want to showcase in your product showcase.

#4 Blur across multiple windows

Even if you are sharing your entire screen, Floik has the capability to Blur across multiple windows and you can continue your recording without any hassle. All you have to do it just remember which windows you added the Blurs to and complete your recording.

Prevent data leakage of customer details using Floik's powerful Blur feature

You don't have to use anymore expensive tool to Blur your background images or text. Instantly Blur your screen using mouse clicks before or during product capture and continue with your workflow.

Personalized sales leave behind

Sales teams can now share success case study collaterals from relevant industries by fading out sensitive information of existing customers

Product demos

During async demos, prevent accidental sharing of confidential details while still conveying the necessary information by hiding crucial elements

Product-led marketing videos

While using product screenshots in explainer videos and sharing across social media, or websites, blurring can help hide personal data

Product education courses

In certification courses or webinars, blurring can be used to hide irrelevant parts of a screen and focus on specific sections to prevent distractions.

FAQ Unpacked

Frequently asked questions

Blur feature can protect sensitive information, privacy, and intellectual property. Here are few tips to help you use it better.

Where can I find the blur feature on Floik?

You can find the Blur feature in Floik's chrome extension. You can access the Blur feature before or during a screen capture to hide sensitive information and keep the privacy intact.

How can I use the blur feature?

First pause the screen recording using Floik's chrome extension. Choose the Blur feature and click away on your screen to hide sensitive texts and images. You can Blur across multiple tabs or windows and resume the recording once done.

Pro-tip: Alas, you won't able to Blur video content or Canvas screens

Can I undo or revert the blur effect after applying it to a Flo?

Yes absolutely, you can do that. Just click on the blurred portion to undo the blur effect text or image.

Can I add blur after the screen capture is complete?

Not yet, we are building that feature out just for you. Just hang in there!

Can I change the colour of the blur effect?

Sorry you won't be able to do that. By default, we grey out the portion that you mouse click to blur and keep it uniform across all screens.

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