Easy embeds anywhere on the web

Easy embeds anywhere on the web

You can now share your Floik output seamlessly across multiple platforms using the customized embed code or the public URL which is just a mouse click away!

How to embed a Flo in 3 simple steps?

Go to the share section
Once you open the Flo that you would like to embed, you will see two options - to either use the public URL or the embed code in the right panel.
Copy the embed code or URL
Feel free to choose the public URL embed or the html embed code based on the platform from the drop down menu.
Embed on your platform
Head to the section where you'd like to embed and paste the HTML code/URL. In a few seconds, you will see your creation unfurl on the page.

Floik's Online Embed Feature Demo

You can embed the Flo anywhere on the web - be it website, help centre pages or CRM platforms. Watch the 30sec tailored demos of how to embed on some (not limited) of the platforms.

#1 Embed in Notion

You can embed a demo, video or a guide in seconds on your Notion page using the quick embed code access. Adjust the size of your Flo on the Notion page using the edges of the embedded Flo.

#2 Embed in User.com

Log in to your User.com account and navigate to the area where you want to embed your video, demo or guide. Choose to insert a video and copy paste the public URL of your Flo.

#3 Embed in Confluence

Choose the iframe option from the insert dropdown menu and paste the public URL link of the Flo to the URL section. Adjust the width to 100% to hide the table of contents and adjust the height to 600 pixels for a enlarged view of the Flo (which is a guide here).

#4 Embed in Zendesk

First check if the the "display unsafe content" option under guide settings is enabled. Then head to the product page where you'd like to embed, choose the hyperlink option and paste the embed code of the Flo. Hit save to view the Flo displayed in the respective section.

#5 Embed in Wix.com

Create a new post and choose the spot where you would like to embed the Flo. Now copy and paste the embed code from the embed section, click on add and choose </> HTML code option to insert the embed code. Adjust the width of the Flo output as per your need.

Keep your interactive content light and visually engaging with the embed feature

No more attaching heavy files over email or downloading large files on your desktop and struggling for storage space. Prospects and customers can now see detailed images, 360-degree views in the form of demos, videos and guides, making it easier to understand the product capability and it's benefits.

Knowledge Academies

Create product education content which are visually engaging and easy to embed on your academy pages.

Blog landing pages

Create mini-demos, feature videos & more and insert them into your landing page within minutes. It's only a click to copy and embed.

Product tutorials

Embed step-by-step guides, interactive demonstrations of your complex product features. Users can open on any device to view them.

Learning Management Hub

Build centralized product content on Floik and embed them into your website. We auto update new changes made to your Flos in realtime.

FAQ Unpacked

Frequently asked questions

Embed product showcases across a variety of platforms. Here are few tips to help you embed easily.

Where do I find the embed code?

Head to the share section of the Flo that you want to embed and look for the "Copy embed code" button under the Embed section on the right panel. Click on the button and the embed code automatically gets copied.

What type of product showcases can I embed on my website?

With Floik, you can embed an interactive demo, step-by-step guide and an explainer video easily with just a click of a button. Generate the desired output, copy the embed code from the share tab and get going.

What happens if I edit Flos that are already embedded?

When you edit already embedded Flos, the output of the Flo will be updated automatically.

Can I embed Flos on my email?

Currently Outlook, Gmail or other email platforms do not support html embed. Having said that, you can embed them into CRM platforms that can help in sending emails to prospects and customers.

How does embed appear on mobile view?

Embeds are absolutely responsive. It adjusts the format based on the viewing device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Can I embed my Flos anywhere on the web?

You can embed inside anything that supports iframes. For other platforms (like email or social media), use our public URL to hyperlink the Flo that you want to showcase

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