Break Language Barriers with Floik's Multilingual AI Voice Over in 20+ Languages

Vartika Bansal
November 9, 2023
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Did you know that 76% of people prefer exploring or buying products with information in their own language?

This data is particularly significant for SaaS companies because if you want to reach a global audience, it’s clear that you need a localized marketing approach.

But here’s the kicker: finding, vetting, and hiring translation experts or a localization agency takes time and money. 

Instead of spending days (or weeks) planning your localization marketing campaigns, you can showcase your product in different languages with Floik in minutes. With AI voiceover in 20+ languages, it’s easy to speak your buyers’ language and give them a glimpse of your product—without spending a fortune!

Generate AI voiceover in 20+ languages 

We designed the text-to-speech feature to let users create clean + crisp audio quickly and maintain a consistent professional voice across all videos or demos. 

But things took an interesting turn when a user approached us with a unique problem: generating an AI voiceover in English for a French script. It sounded as weird as Metallica playing a country song! 

This user requested if they could generate a voiceover in the French language, matching the accent with correct pronunciations. 

And that’s when we saw a massive need for multilingual voiceovers. 

SaaS marketing teams need to create content in languages they don’t speak but their target users do. 

Now, they can create showcases in multiple languages without the hassle of using translation tools or professionals. 

With Floik’s AI voiceover, you can add a script in any language and seamlessly generate an audio in that language. Not just that, it’s also easy to convert your original voice into a text script and create AI voice overs in different languages with this script. 

Create a script from your original voice

When you start capturing your screen, Floik can also automatically record your voice and generate subtitles from what you spoke. 

You can easily generate a script from these subtitles and even translate this script to different languages and add them to Floik for multilingual videos and product demos

It’s important to note that Floik can instantly detect the language you’re speaking in. If you’re talking in Spanish, your script will be generated in Spanish—and the same principle applies to all other languages currently supported on the platform. 

How to use AI voiceover: A quick walkthrough 

Check out this short tutorial to learn the steps for using AI voiceover in your videos and interactive demos.

5 best use cases for multilingual AI voiceovers

Need some inspiration to create product showcases with AI voices in 20+ languages? Here are five awesome ways to use this capability to level up your marketing effort and maximize customer delight:

  • Create product demos and videos explaining different features and benefits personalized for users in different target markets
  • Make sales outreach videos in your prospects’ language to better contextualize your pitch and create a strong first impression. Make them feel special with your thoughtfulness, with next to no additional effort.
  • Generate tutorial videos and FAQ content in multiple languages, enhancing the self-serve experience for your non-native English speaking customers
  • Run localized campaigns  on social media or other platforms like Product Hunt when you launch new features or share company announcements
  • Boost user engagement with in-app explainer videos available in every user’s preferred language and deepen product adoption 

Ready to tell your product’s story in any language? Get started with Floik to make your SaaS truly global.