B2B Outreach: How to Use Sales Videos Like a Pro

Vartika Bansal
June 5, 2023
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B2B SaaS sales outreach can be a real headache.

Whether you're an early-stage PLG SaaS founder or a seasoned sales rep at a Series B company, standing out in a crowded marketplace and capturing the attention of potential clients is an uphill battle.

That's where video prospecting can be your winning formula. 💪🏻

Done right, video prospecting can take the pain out of outreach and bring in more appointments. Videos have the power to captivate audiences, build personal connections, and drive meaningful conversations.

But the catch is creating effective sales videos requires a seamless workflow and the right tools—especially when personalization is key.

So, we created this guide to share practical tips on how to create sales videos for B2B outreach. We’ll break down our five-step process for making impactful sales outreach videos.

But first, let's explore why videos are incredibly useful for outreach.

Why use videos for B2B outreach?

Wondering whether making videos for sales outreach is even worth the effort? Research shows that B2B buyers only spend 17% of their time talking to sellers. With video content, you have a stronger chance of influencing their decisions without a direct meeting with sales reps.

Besides, B2B buyers have increasingly tilted towards videos and digital content for their interactions with sellers since 2020.

It’s no surprise that outbound prospecting videos are the most commonly used format among B2B sales reps.

sales video outreach

But if this isn’t convincing enough, here are more reasons why videos are definitely worth the commitment:

  • Better viewer engagement: Videos can deliver information in a compelling and immersive manner, making it easier to hold the viewer's interest.
  • More scope for personalization: You can showcase your personality and expertise firsthand to create a sense of trust and rapport. It helps to humanize the sales process and build meaningful relationships.
  • Reel in prospects with storytelling: Videos provide a dynamic platform for storytelling. You can effectively convey the value of your product by showcasing real-life use cases and success stories.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Embracing video prospecting gives you a competitive edge. Many B2B SaaS teams are yet to fully tap into its potential, so leveraging this medium sets you apart in prospects’ crammed inboxes.

5 main types of sales videos you can use for outreach

Now that we’ve clued you in on why sales videos can be a game-changer for your outreach efforts, let’s cover the five main types of sales videos you can use.

1. Interactive videos

Best for: Getting your foot in the door with prospects

Interactive videos let viewers do more than just passively watch a video. They encourage activities like clicking buttons or making choices within the video. B2B sales reps can use interactive content to capture prospects' attention in the earliest stages of video outreach and kick-start a conversation.

An interactive experience can help you stand out in a flurry of pitches your prospects generally receive and potentially increase response rates.

✨Floik can help
Create interactive videos with Floik and add a custom CTA at the end. Let prospects share their views directly on your videos with annotations. Try Floik!

2. Introductory videos

Best for: Initial outreach or when establishing a new connection

Introduce yourself, your company, and your value proposition through these prospecting videos. Add a human touch to your outreach and build trust with your prospects. A compelling introduction video can leave a strong first impression and increase the odds of further engagement.

3. Product demos

Best for: Giving prospects a good look at your product's capabilities

Product demo videos highlight your product features and use cases to tackle every prospect’s specific pain points. These videos give prospects a deeper understanding of your product and increase their confidence and motivation to take the conversation forward.  

The only catch is: you need to create stellar product demos to wow your prospects and get them excited about your product. And you need to do it for every user persona!

Wish you had a magic wand to do all this heavy lifting with just one command? We don’t have a wand, but something pretty close to magic.

We purpose-built Floik to help sales reps like you create amazing product demos in minutes and show your product in all its glory. Capture your product in action, record your own talking head, add a voiceover, and fine-tune all of this to create a top-notch product demo—like this one 👇🏻

4. Sales leave-behind videos

Best for: answering queries and taking follow-ups post a conversation

Give prospects more snippets of your product and answer their questions with a personalized sales leave-behind video. You can summarize key points from your meeting, address their concerns, and reinforce your value proposition.

These videos also serve as a reminder about your engagement and help in nurturing leads toward conversion.

Here’s a great example of a sales leave-behind video:

5. Objection handling videos

Best for: handling objections and highlighting more specific use cases for a prospect

Tackle objections from your discovery calls and give prospects a better view of your product with a quick objection handling videos. This is very similar to a sales leave-behind video.

Create as many of these videos as you want and deliver a personalized buying experience to make prospects feel special.

How to create sales outreach videos in minutes?

Creating videos for B2B sales outreach isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Here are five key steps to run a strong video outreach strategy.

1. Clarify the purpose and length of your video

Defining the purpose of each video and aligning it with your prospects' expectations is the first step for a successful outreach campaign.

A clear purpose allows you to create laser-focused videos for addressing prospects' needs and pain points. This means your content will resonate more with your prospects, keep them engaged, and nudge them to take action.

Here are a few common goals to consider for your outbound video marketing:

  • Introduce your solution: Provide a concise and compelling overview of your product and highlight how it solves their pain points. Keep these videos short—around 1-2 minutes—to maximize engagement.
  • Showcase key features: Highlight specific functionalities, aligning with prospects' expectations of learning how these features benefit them. Keep these videos for around 2-3 minutes to provide deeper insights.
  • Address questions or concerns: Alleviate common doubts and build trust by addressing frequently asked questions or concerns. Keep these videos concise and focused, around 1-2 minutes.
  • Share success stories: Demonstrate social proof and showcase successful outcomes through testimonials or case studies. These videos can be longer, around 3-5 minutes, to provide detailed insights.

Each video's length also depends on its purpose. An introductory video would be shorter than a Q&A video, while a testimonial video will wrap up quickly. So, outline your primary goal for creating a sales video and decide its length before everything else.

2. Create a quick script to organize your thoughts

A script is essential to ensure a structured and coherent message for your video outreach. It helps you articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely, ensuring that you cover all the necessary information without going off track.

⚡ A good script for sales videos helps you:
  • Deliver a compelling narrative that resonates with your buyers
  • Decrease sales rep stress by providing a clear roadmap
  • Boost sales efficiency by keeping the message concise
  • Maintain a consistent brand voice for every prospect

Here are the essential elements of a sales video script:

  • Hook: Grab viewers’ attention with a strong opening that introduces the purpose of the video and establishes relevance.
  • Problem Identification: Clearly state the pain points or challenges your prospects may be facing, showing that you understand their needs.
  • Solution Presentation: Introduce your product or service as the solution to their problems, highlighting its key features and how it addresses their pain points.
  • Benefits: Emphasize the specific benefits and advantages your solution offers, demonstrating the value it brings to their business.
  • Social Proof: Include testimonials, case studies, or examples that provide evidence of successful outcomes and build trust in your offering.
  • Call to Action: Include a clear and compelling call to action, guiding prospects on the next steps they should take, whether it's scheduling a meeting, requesting a demo, or signing up for a trial.

3. Choose the right video creation tool

In a sea of cold emails and messages vying for your prospects' attention, you can't simply send them one video and hope for the best. You need to create multiple sales videos to reiterate your value props and stay on their radar till the deal is done.

But here’s the bad news: if you’re juggling five tools just to make a single video, the battle is already lost.😮‍💨

That's why choosing the right video creation and editing tool can make all the difference in building a seamless content creation workflow. It can also give you an edge over your competitors in video marketing.

This is where Floik fits into the puzzle.

With Floik, you have all the tools you need to create polished and professional sales videos in one place. It's your complete video creation stack conveniently packed into a single, powerful tool!

  • Easily capture your screen and demonstrate your product's features and value proposition.
  • Fine-tune your recordings with Floik's intuitive editor with features like cropping your screen to eliminate distractions, blur sensitive information, and add captions.
  • Create your talking head and let prospects leave comments to make every video an active conversation rather than a passive watch.
  • Seamlessly embed or upload videos on your website, landing pages, emails, and other sales collateral.

Watch Floik in action here and give it a try:

4. Customize your video and add a CTA

You had the perfect idea for a sales video, and you wrote an awesome script. But the output was underwhelming, not good enough to stand out and drive engagement.

If this has been your story, follow these tips to add that x-factor and make your video outreach strategy impactful:

  • Design an eye-catching thumbnail: The thumbnail image is the first impression viewers have of your video. Make it visually appealing and relevant to entice them to click and watch. Use compelling visuals, clear text, and vibrant colors to capture attention.
  • Write compelling copy: Craft an impactful title and description to clearly communicate your value propositions. Use persuasive language that sparks curiosity and shows prospects how you can walk the talk.
  • Add captions: Most people watch videos on mute, and captions can make your content easily consumable for these leads. Plus, captions can also boost information retention and engagement.
  • Add a powerful CTA: Your sales video is incomplete without a strong Call to Action (CTA), like a ship without a captain. You need a CTA to guide prospective customers about the next steps. Here are a few different types of CTAs to consider based on your goals, such as:
  • Click-through CTAs: These encourage viewers to click a link to visit a landing page, sign up for a trial, or request a demo.
  • Contact CTAs: Prompt viewers to respond to your email, book a meeting, or give you a call.
  • Sharing CTAs: Encourage prospects to share your videos with other members of their team.

Remember, customization and a strong CTA are key to maximizing the impact of your sales video. So, get creative and create a video your prospects can’t forget!

5. Publish and ship it to your prospects

You’re finally ready with your masterpiece and planning to ship it. Using a CRM is a great way to automate this last step and wrap up your outreach process quickly.

You can integrate your CRM with an email marketing platform of your choice, add your email copy, attach the sales video, and hit SEND.

The best part? You can instantly embed any video created using Floik on your CRM or email marketing tool and make your outreach emails rich with dynamic content. Reach out to us to see how this is possible, or give Floik a try yourself.