Supercharge Your Sales Strategy with 17 Top Sales Enablement Tools 

Vartika Bansal
December 7, 2023
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Your sales enablement strategy directly impacts the quality of your buyer experience and your team's performance.

 A strong sales enablement function helps:

  • Buyers go from product discovery to a convincing buying decision
  • Sales reps take ownership of each stage of the funnel and win deals

But you can’t simply chalk out your strategy on a whiteboard and call it a day. You need the right tools and workflows to implement these tactics and see tangible results. 

And we all know how overwhelming it can be to pick the best tools when you have at least 10 alternatives for every platform. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the 17 hand-picked sales enablement tools to help you hit the ground running. 

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is about equipping your sales teams with the necessary tools, information, and skills to improve their performance. It's a blend of training, sales enablement content, and support systems to ensure reps can engage with clients meaningfully. 

Gartner predicts that 65% of B2B organizations will transition from intuition-based sales to data-driven decision making by 2026. This transition is only possible with an airtight sales enablement strategy and the right tools. 

Here’s how the sales enablement function is evolving in the modern times:

5 reasons why you need a sales enablement tech stack

Building a strong strategy is only half the job done. You can’t succeed when your workflows are broken and sales reps are experiencing drag (83% of them do). 

You need to create a sales enablement tech stack to automate parts of the process for:

  • Delivering a seamless buyer experience 
  • Making life easier for sellers

Talk about win-win! 🏆

If you’re still on the fence about getting enablement tools for your sales team, here are five convincing reasons to build your tech stack:

  • Navigating rapid change with agility: Sales enablement tools empower your team to stay agile, keeping them in the loop of newest product enhancements and critical market intelligence. 
  • Tailor your sales approach: Every client is unique. These tools help you customize pitches and presentations to fit each client's specific needs and challenges, making your approach more effective.
  • Scale your sales efforts: As your business grows, you need a system that grows with you. Sales enablement technology lets you scale your sales processes efficiently, without sacrificing quality or personal touch.
  • Streamline training and onboarding: Bringing new sales reps up to speed can be a challenge. A robust tech stack simplifies this process and offers consistent training resources to minimize the ramp-up time for new hires.
  • Gain a competitive advantage: By offering in-depth insights into market fluctuations and competitor strategies, a good tech stack gives you the foresight to anticipate changes and the agility to pivot strategies swiftly. This isn't just about keeping pace; it's about setting the pace. 

Ready to choose the best sales enablement tools for your team? Let’s see what you should be looking for. 

6 types of sales enablement tools for SaaS teams 

Here’s a list of must-have tools for sales enablement:

  • CRM: Essential for organizing and managing customer information. A good CRM helps sales teams track client interactions, sales opportunities, and follow-ups. This tool is key for maintaining detailed customer profiles, enabling personalized sales approaches and efficient management of the sales pipeline.
  • Revenue intelligence: Analyze sales data to provide insights into what's working and what's not. Revenue intelligence tools are key for understanding customer behavior, sales trends, and team performance. This tool is crucial for making data-driven decisions to boost sales effectiveness and revenue.
  • Sales enablement: Assist in equipping sales reps with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage clients effectively. A 360-degree sales enablement tool is critical to keep your team always up-to-date and prepared in the selling process. 
  • Sales outreach: Streamline and automate communication with prospects and customers. These tools are useful for scheduling emails, calls, and meetings, ensuring consistent and timely interactions. They also help in engaging leads and nurturing relationships to close deals.
  • Content creation: Aid in developing sales materials such as presentations, brochures, and case studies. They help in creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience. You need such a tool to effectively communicate your product’s capabilities and impress buyers.
  • Sales rooms: Virtual spaces where sales teams can collaborate with prospects and customers. They provide a platform for sharing documents, presentations, and demos in a secure environment. Sales rooms facilitate productive sales conversations, especially in a remote or hybrid sales setting.

Let’s get down to our top recommendations for all these types of sales enablement tools to help you build your tech stack. 

sales enablement tools

Top 17 sales enablement tools to build your tech stack

We’ll break down the 17 best sales enablement tools divided across different categories. 

Best CRM tools for sales enablement 


Salesforce offers a suite of tools to improve team collaboration, automate repetitive tasks, and provide AI-powered insights for managing customer relationships. It integrates marketing and sales by bringing customer data together to personalize your messaging and make data-driven decisions. 

Salesforce's AI can help you write emails, generate customer summaries, and take notes on sales calls. 

What’s more, it has service tools to scale support and productivity alongside sales. You can use Tableau analytics for visualizing all the data and extracting the right insights. 


HubSpot's CRM ecosystem includes tools for marketing, sales, customer service, and content management. You can build and manage your entire lead database and integrate tools like Google/Outlook Calendar, Zoom, Slack, Databox, and more to create seamless workflows. It also gives you powerful features to manage your pipeline. 

Besides the main CRM, you can access its landing page builder, email marketing tools, marketing automation, and a meeting scheduler. The advanced plans also give you customizable reporting, advanced analytics, and more.


Membrain is a unique sales enablement CRM tailored for B2B sales. It can enhance your prospecting process by structuring and humanizing engagements. The tool also helps in managing active sales pipelines for predictability and tracking account growth by visualizing + expanding client relationships. 

The platform offers a user-friendly interface with features like company and contact management, data enrichment, custom fields, analytics, content hub, productivity tools, and integrations. 

Best revenue intelligence tools for sales enablement 


Gong is designed to transform your team’s approach to customer interactions during the sales process. It provides a deep understanding of sales conversations, backed by the most accurate AI models and a wide integration ecosystem. 

The platform offers time-saving insights—such as intelligent summaries of calls and predictive analytics—to improve win rates and engagement strategies. Gong's also offers a variety of tools, like coaching, forecasting, deal execution, and strategic initiatives, all aimed at enhancing team productivity, revenue predictability, and business growth.


Clari is a revenue platform designed to enhance sales efficiency and effectiveness while addressing challenges like siloed data, manual data entry, and lack of transparency in customer interactions.

The tool uses automation and machine learning algorithms to analyze various sales data sources, like sales calls and CRMs, and provide insights for metrics like talk:listen ratio, forecasted sales revenue, conversion rate, win rate, and sales opportunities.

The platform also integrates conversation intelligence to extract insights directly from customer calls and improve decision-making. 


Avoma is a conversation intelligence tool for capturing and analyzing audio & video interactions in the sales process. You can gain deeper visibility into customer needs, objections, and preferences without the hassle of listening to sales calls again. 

More importantly, Avoma offers real-time coaching capabilities to help sales reps refine their communication skills and sales techniques. It also integrates with various CRM systems to sync all customer data in real time and help with opportunity tracking, sales forecasting, and more. 

Best sales engagement tools for sales enablement


Seismic offers a versatile solution focusing on AI-powered enablement, training, and coaching solutions. You can access multiple capabilities to collaborate with your team, such as sales content management, learning and coaching, buyer engagement, content automation, strategy and planning, and enablement intelligence. 

The tool also allows you to build collaborative spaces between sellers and buyers for a more interactive experience. Plus, the Seismic Enablement Cloud can integrate various aspects of your sales enablement strategy like training, content management, and buyer engagement.


Highspot is another sales enablement platform designed to oversee every aspect of your sales funnel—from managing content assets and preparing sales playbooks to onboarding new hires and conducting training sessions. You can also design sales rooms to engage buyers across their journey and enable them to make an informed decision.

Highspot’s AI capabilities make it easy to create sales enablement content and generate responses for handling objections. What’s more, you get granular insights into seller performance and buyer experience to constantly improve your sales productivity.


dealpad is an AI-powered buyer enablement tool that centralizes communication, resources, and stakeholders involved in sales. The tool also offers an AI co-pilot called SalesMind to accurately navigate the sales process with accurate predictions about each prospect and strategic recommendations. 

What’s unique about dealpad is its ability to build a Mutual Action Plan. This feature allows you to work collaboratively with buyers and share the most relevant information to help them make a buying decision quickly

Best sales outreach tools for sales enablement 


Floik is purpose-built for sales teams to educate and engage buyers across their journey with interactive product showcases. The tool helps you create product demos, sales videos, and how-to guides to make outreach more personalized and effective. 

You can design a tailor-made product demo for each prospect to give them a hands-on experience of what your product can do for them. Plus, it’s also easy to record a talking-head video to create a more impactful pitch message. Floik’s intuitive editor and smart sharing capabilities will get the job done in a few minutes. 


Outreach is a sales execution platform designed to ramp up seller productivity across the sales cycle. It makes life easy for your reps with AI-powered selling and a host of features like deal management, conversation intelligence, and coaching. 

Outreach is also known for its ability to increase win rates by offering detailed insights about each deal. You can track metrics to identify winnable deals and find at-risk prospects to make quick decisions. The tool also offers forecasts to ditch guesswork and rely on accurate predictions. 


Salesloft positions itself as the first AI-powered revenue workflow platform. It guides go-to-market teams towards optimal actions to close deals, enhance customer interactions, and maximize revenue. 

Besides customer-facing capabilities, the tool also helps in coaching sales teams and accelerating ramp time. It gives you a clear picture of your best-performing reps with data on best practices to create repeatable success.  

Best content creation tools for sales enablement


Floik is an all-in-one tool to create interactive product showcases. You can capture your product in action in the form of a clickable product demo, video, or guide. It’s as simple as toggling on the Chrome extension and recording your screen. 

Once the recording is done, you can effortlessly edit the showcase and personalize it for every prospect. The best part? You can add AI-generated voiceover in 20+ languages to speak your prospects’ language, no matter where they’re from. 

It’s easy to convert a showcase into multiple formats—think a demo into a video or a video into a guide. You can also add your brand logo, choose the primary color, and share these showcases with a simple URL. 


Showell is an all-in-one sales enablement platform designed to manage, present, share, and track sales content. It helps in decluttering and increasing the usage of sales collateral, offering a single source of truth for all sales materials. 

The platform allows for content personalization and provides analytics on seller and buyer activities. Showell is also known for its ability to accelerate the sales cycle and enhance sales presentations, both face-to-face and virtually.


Lavender is an AI-powered sales email platform that assists in real-time email composition. The tool can help you increase positive reply rates and improve your email writing efficiency. It provides features like an AI Email Coach for optimizing email content, a Personalization Assistant for tailored introductions, and AI-driven email starters. 

What’s more, Lavender integrates with popular platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and LinkedIn, offering insights and data for strategic coaching by managers. It's designed to make email communication more effective and efficient for sales professionals.

Best sales rooms tools for sales enablement


Dock is a client-facing workspace designed to enhance B2B sales and customer onboarding experiences. It allows users to create and share project plans, videos, proposals, and order forms from a single, trackable workspace. 

You can create personalized deal rooms to enable internal champions to win the deal for you. The tool also helps in creating order forms to close deals quickly with automated admin controls and secure signing experiences. 

Besides, you’ll get valuable insights about deal forecasts and customer health, tracking everything from order form status to onboarding tasks.


Aligned is a customer collaboration platform for sales and customer success teams. It facilitates deal orchestration, simplifies decision-making, and helps in crushing quotas. The platform offers a mutual-action-plan software where both sides can assign tasks and comment, enhancing mutual accountability and speeding up the sales cycle.

Not just that, Aligned also provides real buying signals and insights, allowing users to track engagement even when not in the room. It creates a collaborative workspace for all stakeholders to uncover hidden stakeholders and improve multi-threading in sales processes.


Trumpet helps you design auto-personalized digital sales rooms to keep all your sales conversations in a single place. These personalized microsites called Pods allow you to interact more meaningfully with buyers and share product resources without design skills

You can track deals in real time and get revenue intelligence signals based on buyer engagement. It’s also great to centralize all information for internal champions. The tool can reduce sales cycle times with a focus on buyer enablement throughout the journey.

Crack the code for peak performance with the right sales enablement tools

B2B sales teams often struggle to navigate complex decision-making hierarchies, maintain consistent communication across lengthy sales cycles, and personalize outreach in crowded markets. 

The result? Missed opportunities, seller drag, and revenue leakage. 

But you can tackle all these challenges head-on with the right sales enablement tools. Decipher intricate buyer and maintain sustained + meaningful buyer relationships to close maximum deals with a good tech stack. Start building yours today!