8 Generative AI Tools for Every SaaS Marketer

Vartika Bansal
June 7, 2023
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Ever since ChatGPT sent shockwaves across the world, generative AI has become the next big thing for SaaS marketers. It’s like having a genius robot on your marketing team, minus the coffee breaks.

With a sea of gen AI tools out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start and how to use these tools.

That’s why we compiled this list of eight game-changing generative AI tools for SaaS marketers—carefully curated to boost every campaign and maximize customer engagement at every step of their journey.

The future is calling – are you ready to answer?

8 essential generative AI tools you need in your marketing toolkit

We’ve curated this gen AI tech stack for SaaS marketers with tools for multiple use cases. Below you’ll find all the information you need to get started with these tools.

1. Floik – For making product collaterals in minutes


What’s cool about it

Floik is an all-in-one platform for creating product collaterals in multiple formats—videos, step-by-step guides, and interactive demos. It’s designed for marketing teams to spotlight every aspect of their products effortlessly.

You just need to capture your product in action once and Floik will automatically convert the screen recording into a video, step-by-step guide, and self-serve demo with a single click.

How to use Floik

You use Floik to record your screen, camera, and voice for making engaging content. Here are some of the best features that make Floik a good choice for your AI tech stack:

  • Quick editing: Floik’s versatile editing capabilities help you fine-tune your content easily. From editing the steps in a guide to cropping the screen in a video, you can effortlessly customize your content to make it shine.
  • Multi-format content: With Floik, you can capture a workflow once and generate an output in multiple formats based on your needs. Create a video with just your screen or your screen + camera, then convert it into a stepwise guide or an interactive product walkthrough.

interactive product showcases

  • Seamless collaboration: We know it takes a village to close deals at a SaaS company. With Floik, you can work with your entire revenue team and add several collaborators to a single workspace. Keep everyone on the same page about your next campaign and prepare for maximum ROI.
  • Real-time analytics: Get granular insights for your content’s performance with a detailed analytics dashboard. Track the number of impressions, comments, and clicks on all your flos. You can also check when a content piece was last viewed.  

Show the power of your product with interactive demos and videos

Use Floik to educate and engage your users

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2. Murf.ai – For generating audios and cloning your voice

Murf generative AI

What’s cool about it

Murf is an AI voice generator to generate voice overs for any content within minutes. The tool offers more than 120 types of voices to choose from. Plus, you can generate audios in 20+ languages.

Another cool feature is converting your own, home-recorded voice into a professional, studio-quality audio with no background noise.

murf generative AI

How to use Murf

Here’s a glimpse of what you can do with Murf:

  • Convert any text into a voiceover with natural sounding AI voices in 20 languages
  • Use formatting styles and change the pitch to make your voice over more impactful
  • Clone your voice and record/generate audio sounding the same as your own voice
  • Add narration to your videos and easily match the timing of your voice and video
  • Create audio content in multiple formats, such as eBooks, podcasts, IVR, ads, and more


You can get started for free and transcribe up to 10 minutes of audio.

3. Copy.ai – For writing blogs and copy from scratch

copyai gen AI

What’s cool about it

Copy.ai is an AI writing assistant to create content and copy for multiple use cases. The tool uses a chat interface similar to ChatGPT to produce high-quality content with simple prompts.

Unlike ChatGPT, you don’t have to painstakingly engineer the right prompts to get a solid output. Copy.ai collects your inputs with its built-in prompts and generates quality results.

How to use Copy.ai

You can use Copy.ai for:

  • Generating content briefs, outlines, meta descriptions, and ideas for any type of blogs
  • Writing SEO-focused blogs in minutes based on your topic, keywords, tone, and insights
  • Creating compelling and conversion-optimized emails in multiple formats based on pain points
  • Producing social media content for any channel with just the main points you want to cover

Note: Unlike ChatGPT, Chat by Copy.ai offers custom prompts for different teams and use cases to help users generate AI-powered content quickly. It can also access the web without any plugins to source the latest insights and data on any topic.


You can start using Copy.ai for free and generate up to 2000 words

4. Wordtune – For spicing up your written content

wordtune gen AI

What’s cool about it

Wordtune is another AI writing assistant built to improve and finetune your content. Instead of writing from scratch, this tool makes creative suggestions to enhance the quality and appeal of your content.

So, if you want to spice up the output you’ve received from ChatGPT, Wordtune can add the latest data points, topical jokes, and more. You can also expand or summarize any text wherever necessary.

Wordtune gen AI tool

How to use Wordtune

Try these features to get the best out of Wordtune:

  • Change the tone to make your content more appealing for your target audience
  • Rewrite your existing content to improve sentence structure and word choice
  • Find synonyms and add analogies anywhere to add personality to your content
  • Use Wordtune Spice to complete or elaborate your sentences with AI suggestions


You can start using Wordtune for free with a limited number of rewrite credits.

5. Canva – For creating designs with textual prompts

canva gen AI

What’s cool about it

Canva has been a top choice among SaaS marketers for everything design. With Canva’s AI image generator, the tool now lets you create royalty-free graphics based on your prompts.

Run with your imagination and write a strong prompt to get original graphics designed with AI. The best part: unlike other AI image generators like Midjourney, you can work with a seamless interface and directly use all the images directly on the platform.

How to use Canva Image Generator

Open the AI image generator on the Canva platform and write a prompt to describe the type of image you’d like to generate. You can make this as detailed or simple as you want. Then choose the style of image you want to create and hit generate.

You’ll get four options based on your prompt and you can give directions to edit and refine the outputs.

Canva AI image generator


It's available for free.

6. Uizard – For designing website UI mockups

Uizard's AI can assist you every step of the way

What’s cool about it

Uizard is a design and prototyping tool with a built-in AI design assistant for SaaS marketers to create clean visuals in seconds. The tool allows you to bring any website or landing page ideas to life with powerful wireframing capabilities.

The AI assistant will also help you generate copy for your website—even if it’s just for the mockup design. You can also use screenshots to extract designs and colors for your website.

gen AI design tool

How to use Uizard

You can use Uizard for:

  • Generating wireframes and mockups for website and landing page design needs
  • Converting screenshots into editable mockups and turn inspiration into output
  • Mastering UX design and create websites quickly with a powerful, drag-and-drop editor
  • Running A/B tests to optimize your website and design elements with multiple UX journeys


You can sign up for free and try the tool.

7. Gamma – For making presentations from text

Gamma AI slide decks

What’s cool about it

Gamma helps you create rich media documents and slide decks powered by AI. It works the same way as ChatGPT where you need to input prompts for the kind of presentations you want. The tool will generate slides using your inputs and you can customize or restyle them with its no-code editor.

The best part: you can present your docs and decks live or share them as interactive web pages to your audience.

How to use Gamma

Here’s how you can use Gamma to your advantage:

  • Collect feedback through reactions and comments, then track engagement
  • Customize the theme or change it altogether with advanced customization options
  • Invest less time and get started with templates for several use cases to see how the tool works
  • Create rich presentations with options for embedding various elements—from websites to videos


You can create one presentation for free.

8. Yep.so – For creating landing pages

Gen AI landing pages

What’s cool about it

Yep.so allows SaaS marketers to create landing pages effortlessly. The AI-powered landing page builder helps you design a polished page in minutes without any coding or design skills.

You can choose from a selection of templates to determine the overall layout of your page and populate each section with the copy. Once the page is live, the tool will give you a dashboard of engagement statistics—how many people visited the page, clicked on the CTAs, session time, and more.

How to use Yep.so

Use these features to make landing pages with Yep.so:

  • Create a repository of landing pages and share them with your team
  • Track analytics with a built-in tool or integrate custom analytics solutions
  • Automate your landing page workflows by linking it with Zapier, Airtable, and other tools


You can create one landing page for free.

Unlock the potential of generative AI for product marketing

Generative AI is transforming the SaaS marketing landscape, leading marketers like you towards innovative possibilities. These incredible tools enable SaaS marketers to automate content creation, streamline workflows, and skyrocket their campaign performance.

The future of SaaS marketing has arrived, and it's riding on the wave of generative AI. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey as we use this technology to change everything about product marketing!

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